So Joomla seemed like a good idea at the time I last activated this blog. However, for a simple blog site, it feels like total overkill. Not to mention theming it is a pain in the ass, which I have no intention of taking on. So I rely on third-party theme(s), which may or may not work after updates. I thought I'd spend more time on getting to know Joomla, but I don't really have the time for it anymore. I've enrolled in several courses onĀ recently.

I'm now enrolled in:

  1. HarvardX - PH526x: Using Python for Research
  2. RITx - CYBER501x: Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  3. W3Cx - HTML5.0x: HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals
  4. LinuxFoundationX - LFS151.x: Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies
  5. LinuxFoundationX - LFS152x: Introduction to OpenStack
  6. RITx - CYBER502x - Computer Forensics

Now, I'm currently focusing on the first two classes. I had a couple others I was working on, but I didn't feel they were worth the effort while I'm trying to catch up on PH526x. I started the class almost 5 months late. On top of that, my lack of experience with math is becoming a severe hindrance. I spent over an hour on one problem today. Not only am I figuring out how to write code to accomplish the tasks given in exercises, I'm figuring out the math concepts along the way. And if this course is any indication, Harvard doesn't mess around when it comes to content on edX. There are a lot of videos and exercises to get through. That said, the recitation videos are high-quality, like MIT's.

I've been ahead of the game with CYBER501x. I tend to complete the week's material in a day or two, and have to wait for the next section to be released. I'm looking forward to CYBER502x.

Two of the biggest turn-offs I've found in some edX courses are:

  1. Unnecessary pushing of proprietary software.
  2. Poor quality recitations

Microsoft likes to push use of Visual Studio Code as an IDE. Now, Visual Studio Code is a very powerful, high-quality IDE. It's great for many people. I prefer other choices, such as Atom, Geany, or Spyder 3. I enroll in classes to learn the relevant concepts, not to be pushed into using proprietary software. I will use the editor of my choice. I don't appreciate having my time wasted with instructions on how to do certain things with their software, when it doesn't pertain directly to the course subject. I've dropped out of a couple of their courses now, due to that and poor quality recitation videos.

Maybe I'm spoiled by the awesome videos from experienced professors from MIT and Harvard. Microsoft has some very talented people making their videos. But they don't have that confident, solid, organized speech and guidance that an experienced professor has. I'm hesitant to take any Microsoft courses now. And I honestly don't think that's influenced by my love of Linux and disdain for Microsoft's business practices and software.

So... Back to the site remake issue... Once I have time for it, I plan to create another hand-coded site, as I had in the past. It's simpler, lighter, and more secure that way. And I can take more pride in it, knowing that it's my creation, my code.